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Help Ruth Find a Kidney

I'm Ruth Ava Lyons

Why do I need a kidney you ask?

Polycystic disease has taken away family members one by one and has been progressively deteriorating my health.I am looking for a living donor for a kidney that will SAVE MY LIFE


A little bit about me

Much of my youth was spent long with my soul mate Paul Sires revitalizing an impoverished neighborhood,starting an arts district and creating studio spaces for artists which  became  known as Noda. Currently we continue this cultural direction with Starlight on 22nd, a venue that promotes the performing arts and welcomes a diverse audience from all walks of life.



You can see my lust for life in the way I live...

The lust for life that many have seen in my activities, be it diving,roller skating,travel,hooping are ways to take full advantage of the time I have left.

My artwork revolves around endangered and sometimes remote ecosystems. I travel to these places and research and work in residence in environments that fuel my work as an artist.,all stems from a thirst to quench the need to experience life to the fullest as this dark companion lurks in the background



The Kidney donation process

I wait along with the other 100,000+ people on the waitlist. Many die while waiting. I want to hang out some more with my inspiring grown kids and my sweet granddaughter and continue to make contributions with art,community, and the world if I can. I need a kidney B+

A few things that you might want to know about a kidney donation

“You do not have to be a match’’  If you are incompatible, you can still participate in a kidney paired exchange. Paired donations offers are an option of finding another "pair" who are in our same situation. The hope is to then be able to "swap" kidneys so both pairs receive healthy kidneys and you will touch TWO lives!

*You only need one kidney to live a healthy long life; Nature gives us a spare!

*The recuperation period is usually fairly quick,generally 2 weeks

*The cost of your evaluation and surgery will be covered by my insurance.

You might also qualify for travel and lost wage expenses.

*All voucher donors are prioritized for a living donor transplant in the rare case that they need a kidney transplant in the future.

*After you donate a kidney,the one remaining kidney enlarges and is

able to do approximately 75-80% of the work that the two kidneys had done



At the very least, I want to bring awareness to organ transplant and living donation.

It is hard for me to ask someone for this BIG GIVE, but hopefully it will give us both new meaning and purpose and change us  in ways I can not even imagine.


Interested in becoming a Donor?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a living donor.

Living donors are true superheroes and there is a dedicated team to help you navigate this process!

You would like to join me in this journey, please follow the steps below:


Please review the attached Living Donor Information Packet & Risk and Benefit form. 

Please complete and return the attached “Kidney Living Donor Referral Form.”

a.   Complete electronically and email to:

b.   Print this form and return via:

Fax to: 704-446-4876

Mail to: PO Box 32861, Charlotte, NC 28232


Once your referral form is received, someone should contact you to start your evaluation.

IF you have not been contacted in three weeks, you may need to follow up to make sure they have processed it.


Questions?Living Donor Coordinator:Lorrie Lockwood 704-355-8093


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